Festival Vaping Solved

So here we are, intrenched into festival season. Quite possibly the most fan dabby tastic time of year. The distant rumble of stages and arenas, long summer evenings, the consumption of comically named unusually strong ciders. The DailyMail reporters looking for pretty girls in wellies and keeping an extra keen eye out for puddles. All so they can fill their column with the wanky mudfest images that their readers love and absorb. Gorging themselves to the point that they need an enamour to remove the vast amounts of shit they are fed daily.

Festivals combine many of my favourite things, music and performance arts, camping and getting a bit twatted. They’re a time to get back to basics and bond with your fellow man, a celebration of all the joy and wonder that is humanity and a chance to have your faith restored in the decency of people. Fling the doors of your perception wide open and experience all you can at these monumental gatherings and remember the golden rule, don’t be a dick.

There is one impassable, unmovable, but, not unsolvable issue for all us vapers, How do we keep on vaping with up to 6 days away from a charger? I found this to be quite an issue to solve. My first thought was more batteries, just get a shit ton of 18650’s and when one lot goes flat just swap them out. Easy, you’re thinking, what sort of blog post is this about the stunningly obvious, the redonkulessly simple. Well its not a simple as it seems. I have three devices that take 18650’s, A Hana Modz V4D, An Innokin SVD and a mechanical mod, the Sentinel M16 by Grand Vapour. Festivals are a place that due to their nature and the activities that I partake in, the chances of loosing or damaging what I take with me is quite high. As a rule of thumb I don’t take anything with me I don’t mind loosing. So, I would be gutted if something happened to the Hanna Modz, it was expensive and is currently my vape of choice. The SVD does not cut it anymore, (only 15watts) I’d have to pair it up with an older tank like the Aspire Nautilus and although this is not a bad combination it is very different to how I vape now. As someone who primarily drips… (That sounds fucked up) and takes long lung hits, it would be a huge step back. So that leaves the M16 Mech Mod, which eats batteries like nobody business and can I really be bothered building at a festival? I want something that is plug and play, and the best of both worlds. I desire the convenience of a tank that I can swap coil heads, the clouds of a RDA and a battery that lasts a week, thats not too much to ask, is it? Oh and I don’t wanna spend a lot of money.

So Back to the drawing board, first thing is to work out what MOD. I have a VaporShark DNA 30. Great little dinky box mod but only has a 1200mAh battery. I’ve had it a while and it has been kinda replaced by the DNA 40. So its a good place to start, Its at this point I realised I was gonna have to fork out some cash. I have plenty of tanks that would have worked fine on the VaporShark. Things like KangerTech ProTanks and the aforementioned Aspire Nautilus, don’t get me wrong I’ve enjoyed using these devices, but, the way I vape has gradually morphed into deep lung inhales. I now would find the draw on these far too tight and and vapour production lacking. As mouth to lung devices go, I would highly recommend the Nautilus. Its a really good tank to start on, just not for me anymore. So onto the Evil Bay I go, I settled on the Kangertech Subtank Mini. Lots of reviews saying that it was good for flavour and when I visited Vape Jam a lot of the testers were using them and they seemed good at the time. Nice flavour, decent enough vapour production, the ability to have a stock coil and just replace them and importantly for me, the ability to do a lung inhale. All for the bargain price of £24.


So now I’m thinking great, this is starting to come together. Got the MOD and a tank sorted. To prolong battery life, as this is a major concern, I bought a set of 1.2ohm coils because they run at lower watts and therefore use less battery than the sub ohm (0.5 ohm) ones. To add a bit of variety I’m also gonna take a dripper for this I chose the Tug Boat V2 by Flawless. To save battery I did a 10 wrap 28g twisted coil at 2.5mm coming in at 1.3ohms. This was so I could have a blast at another flavour and have it as back up, opposed to it being my main vape. I was not intending on building while at the festival so the one build would have to last.


The next concern was power… How the fuck was I gonna make a device with a 1200mAh battery last for 6 days. The answer to this was simple, phone chargers. And not just one either 🙂 I had concerns about charging a lipo battery from another battery so a little google research later and I decided it was a go. If you are intending on doing this just make sure the battery pack you choose has an output of over 2 amps (suitable for iPads) and that you are using a 2 amp lead. This will allow the circuit board to register when the battery is full and cut off the charging. If it is trickle charged (lower than 2 amps) this cut off may not occur and the battery could vent. Nobody wants their bag, tent or even worse their pocket exploding. I already owned a Tecknet Power Bank with a capacity of 12000mAh and I really really really didn’t wanna run out of juice so I purchased another one for under £14. So for an outlay of under £40 I have a reasonable yet expendable (worst case scenario) piece of kit.


No matter how free spirited the festival some of them still need to have some rules. (Bastards 😉 ) One that seems universal is no glass. So that does rule out all your fancy dripper bottles. I’d advise decanting your precious liquid into plastic bottles. You can either reuse older ones or if like me you wanna keep your flavours totally separate (maybe I’m crap at washing bottles but flavours always seem to carry over, or its all in my head, either way.) I bought some empty 30ml bottles from Vampire Vape. I must admit I kinda like the crunchy homemade feel of having a plain bottle with a hand written label. Maybe I’ll have a post about making my own juice in the future, who knows.

Guess I’d better try and make some sense out this ramble though my mind for you lovely people. Things I considered when working out what to take.

  • The worth of the device, Would I be upset if it was lost or damaged?
  • Battery Life, Will it power me through the duration?
  • Reliability, Will it survive? Should I have a Backup?
  • Replaceable coil heads or take build tools?
  • How often do I change flavours? Should I take a second tank or dripper?
  • Decant juice into plastic bottles


This is the collection I chose to take with me to Glastonbury and it romped home no problems. I had more than enough juice 5x 30ml (oddly didn’t see a single vape stall there) The VaporShark needed charging one and half times a day. Basically an overnight charge and an afternoon top up. I was running the Sub tank at around 20 watts and the dripper at 27 watts. On the Sunday of the festival I started using just the dripper which did drain the battery, needed a recharge every 3 hours but at this point I still had only used one of the battery packs so it wasn’t a problem. I even had enough power to let our tent neighbours top up their phones before they left 🙂

Festivals are seriously fun. Even more fun when you can blow steam out of your face like a dragon…

Hana Modz V4D

Everything has changed, what I thought I knew about building my own coils and vaping mechanical has been totally turned on its head. Is it an evolution? I think so. Imagine a world in which dry hits are a thing of a past. No more coughing and fighting for air as if it was the last days of Pompeii, that burnt heat of cotton flambé hitting the back of your throat and making you think ‘oh shit’. Fucking unpleasant would be an understatement. Don’t get me wrong it doesn’t happen often, but, sometimes due to intoxication I can get a little carried away with the enjoyment of vaping and forget to drip.

So much has been said about the Evolve DNA40 and not all of it good, people believe that it was released a little too early and it needed a few of the bugs ironing out. That’s where this device comes in with version 4 of the chip set and a larger improved screen. I have been running it with various builds for a few weeks now and I’m massively impressed. No dry hits, building with nickel took a little getting used to but I’ve found twisting it with kanthal gives it extra durability, making it easier to work with and the coils less prone to becoming disfigured. The temp protect still works perfectly even when twisted with other metals. This is not a review of the Evolve chips nor is it a guide how to work with nickel. So I need to sort my shit out and talk about the Hana Modz V4D.

I ordered this direct from their site and I did have a little confusion while ordering. The new V4D with the larger screen is only available in Matte Black but the V4D on the site is available in a range of colours, these however come with an older version of the DNA40. They will be updating the coloured box mods over the next few weeks. This was not overly clear on the website and at first I ordered a Navy Blue one as I’m a sucker for all things colourful and shiny. Then after ordering I noticed on their Facebook page that there was a difference. Hats off to their customer service as they changed the order to the updated version with no trouble.

One thing that ordering direct gives you is the option to have your box custom engraved, I went with Dirrty Tramp down the side and its sick as tits. It’s the same high standard of engraving that is elsewhere on the mod and was well worth the extra 30 bucks. The matte finish is a little like a chalk board and doesn’t show finger prints, if you wear rings on your fingers it may start to show signs of wear and tear tho. I had a thumb ring on during a night out and it has left a slight mark or two. Its built like a brick shit house though, carved from one solid block of aluminium. You do have to undo screws to get into the battery compartment, not really a big deal as it holds 2 18650 batteries (not included) which can be charged inside the unit. This does take fucking ages tho, think we have been spoiled with all our quick charging shit. Treat it as an overnight charge, you can however use the device while charging, or just pop in a fresh set of batteries. I’m getting about a day and half usage out of it vaping in temperature protect mode at 0.18ohms at 30-35watts limited to 420F.

The buttons are nice and clicky and it feels good and solid in the hand. As you’d expect for a device that costs $209. Most attys screw down flush as it has a spring loaded centre pin, the only one I have had a slight issue with is the Tugboat V2. This sits maybe half a millimetre, maybe a touch less above the base, (the tugboat is known for having a long connector). This does not bother me as much as I thought it would. Generally I like everything to sit flush but I can live with this.

What can I say… I love this device, I’ve had no issues from the chips or coil builds, I’ve done maybe 15 or so different coils and only had issues with one of them. The temp protect just works and hand on heart I have never had a dry hit. Vapour production and flavour is fantastic so if you’re in the market for this kind of box mod, do yourself a favour and buy one. You’ll love it too.