Billow by The Cloud Company

So here I am back again with a second review from The Cloud Company and this time I’m looking into Billow for your vaping pleasure. If you haven’t seen the first review of Revel I suggest you check that shit out, especially if you’re a cereal vapist.

Pip and the guys over at The Suicide Bunny have done another fantastic job with the packaging, homing in on that gothic, valkyrie, medieval bondage vibe thats running through the whole Cloud Company range. The glass dripper bottles are good quality and I have had no issues with leaking either from the squeezey teaty bit or the cap itself. They have a good clicky child proof lid that on occasion, depending how much stuff I’m holding while dripping, can sometimes keep me out too. I managed to drop this one onto concrete from about waist height and it did not crack or break. I did panic a bit, Billow was my flavour of choice for the days vaping, and I really thought that was me done for the day. I know it’s a bit wanky worrying that I might not be able to vape for a few hours, but, when you’re rocking a fresh build and fresh batteries, you wanna be able to enjoy the flavours and sensations that having billowing clouds escaping from your face deliver. Now doesn’t that point bring me back nicely to Billow by the Cloud Company 😉

You will exhale great fucking clouds. All Cloud Company juices are 80% VG and I absolutely love this fact. It’s not just for you cloud chasers out there. The higher VG content makes its a much denser and more satisfying vape. Also the saturation is higher and it maintains an overall juicer experience. I find that the higher the PG is in the mix, the more drying the vape experience is. Nobody likes dry mouth and it can be a side effect of some liquids, not so with these lovely elixirs and that is a massive positive.

So lets get down to the flavours, that all important characteristic that gets us all hooked and coming back for more. The inhale is a deliciously creamy coconut, a perfect blend of the milkiness with subtle hints of the tropical seed. As you pull inwards the flavour seems to develop from the roof of your mouth, descending delicately onto your awaiting tastebuds. Its at this point that the coconut begins to work its way forward, a perfectly blended natural coconut cake of a flavour, not as artificial or sweet as the filling of a chocolate bar like a Bounty, but, still strong and natural enough to dominate at first. From the moment you remove the atty from your lips there is a change. A fantastically abrupt, yet satisfyingly smooth blending of the fudgetasticly decadent sugar, milk and butter. The exhale carries a sweet (but not overpowering) caramel sauce that in their own words has been drizzled over the coconut. And for me this is the bit that has true artistry, true creative culinary expertise, and it lies in the saltiness of the caramel. It pushes the other flavours together into a fucking ace crescendo of a taste sensation. Lick your lips afterwards and they are kissed by the sweet salty bomb that just went off in your face. So good and so moorish.

This is a complex and satisfying vape that keeps you going back to experience the slight differences with each pull. Can be enjoyed all day and I really wanna punch myself in the dick for writing this, but, here goes… It is incredible with a nice cup of tea. Don’t think I’ve ever sounded so British in my life.

As with all this range it is available in the UK for £16.99 for 30ml and £8.99 for 15ml. You can get your grubby little mitts on these from VapeClub as well as other vendors.

I’m gonna leave a short pause before reviewing the final two flavours in The Cloud Company line, I will say that the best is yet to come…

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