Crovape Crotip Glass M

Drip tip with added airflow… you’re twisting my melon man.

This one has to be placed up there as a fucking treat, I’m not gonna mince around this point because anybody reading this will have to take it into account. This fucker costs £40. Now before you stop reading and start thinking I’m some kinda sucker for spending that on a drip tip, let me talk you through my wallet punching thought process. Crovape are without doubt a true high end company, their shit is expensive. All their shit is expensive, but, it comes with a no compromise, no messing about attitude to their products. The box it comes in is made from stone and if you invert the lid it doubles as a MOD stand. Every item they produce is serial numbered, as well as looking cool they can trace each and every item they make and they are limited to 9999 parts. So everything they make is automatically a limited edition. The choice of finishes is vast also, (see their website) you can even get this little bitch 24k plated if you so wish. In a totally uncharacteristic turn of events I went for one of the planer (and cheaper) finishes, without even knowing the cost. Seriously that never happens, I’ve got some sort of superpower, nah, curse for the finer things and I hate settling, but, this is by the by. Things get seriously sexual when you put this in your mouth.

It’s like a vapour flavour orgasm, they’ve come together in your mouth and it’s fucking earth shockingly good. They’ve got the shape of this thing spot on and it sits between your lips perfectly. Lets face it round drip tips are not a natural shape to put your lips around, why hasn’t anybody else really experimented with this. Also those two extra little air holes on the side are part of what they call the AMS (Air Max System). They pull air from outside the dripper and turn your mouth into a second flavour chamber. Ba Boom… Flavour in your face and blowing out steam like a fucking dragon. So simple yet so effective. I was sceptical at first and then the dude slipped it in me and I was hooked. 40 quid seemed like a bargain.

A few points, the Crotip is seriously wide and may look odd if the top of your atty is not completely flat. It does provide a cooler vape as you are adding extra airflow and you really need to work out if that price point is something you can justify. All that aside I’m happy I went for it. Pairing it up with the magma created a whole new vaping experience in single coil mode where the draw can normally be a little tight.

As far as tips go this one smashes all the others in the face. It stays cool and provides a shit tonne of flavour and vapour in one package. I went for the medium one but its also available in short and long. I’m gonna invest in the short one as well for a slightly warmer experience. Can’t say any fairer than that 🙂

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