What the fuck is DirrtyTramp?

This is something I have been asking myself as I’m sat facing the flashing curser at the top of a blank page. To be honest I don’t know yet, and I didn’t arrive at this massively underwhelming revelation easily. I want this blog to be fluid, evolve, be organic and other cunty words creatives use to essentially say make it up as they go along. I fucking love vaping, the community and the tech so I know that will feature as part of “DirrtyTramp”. I’m no expert or self trained guru but I like to think I make informed decisions about stuff that I buy, and maybe through my experiences I can help and if I’m totally fucking lucky it’ll make for an entertaining read. I’m sure there will be gadget and camera reviews thrown in for good measure, but, I do have a tendency to ramble. I’ve had to live with myself for long enough to know I will go completely of topic.

Words will be misspelled, I will miss some out completely and other words will be doubled up for no good reason. When talking about juices it is completely probable that I will make words up, that is who I am though. My views may change; the more exposure or knowledge I gain about whatever I’m rambling about. I might get into keeping salt water fish and then these pages will turn into a blow by blow account of how fishy my living room is. I’m not saying that will happen, but it might. I’m hoping this turns out to be something special, but, I do fear this may just be a massive mind fart, a shit idea that should have been flushed down the toilet with all the other turds. If it fails massively I could just fill it with cute animal videos, everybody loves those… Lets face it, that’s not gonna fucking happen, the only animal that shares my home is a grumpy cat with no ears and a fetish for water-sports.

The most honest and best piece of advice I can give you is, do not read this blog. As such, I’ll have to stop writing this intro now or I’m gonna make myself look like a dick.